Our Products

Plating and Surface Coating Products

Racks Baskets Trays Fixtures Copper Wire Plating Pins Anodes and Anode Bags For the metal finishing and surface coating industry since 1979.

  • Design Engineering
  • Our Replaceable Pin System "change the holding pin, not the entire rack"
  • Plastisol and nylon coating
  • Full service tool and die work, sheet metal shop and over 30 automatic wire forming and stamping presses.
  • Let us work with you on your next project.
  • Our baskets and trays include: perforated, mesh, anode, ultrasonic cleaning, dryer, heat treating and black ox.
  • The racks and fixtures that we manufacture are used for: electro plating, PVD, aerospace applications, anodizing, powder coating, black ox, polishing and chrome.