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Speed Dip Coating Machines

The SPEED DIP coater is the finest coating machine for lacquering and enameling small wood, metal, fibre and composition parts. Waxes, lubricants, adhesives, and more sophisticated coatings like Teflon, Emralon, and Nylon can be applied quickly and efficiently. Save time and money by coating parts instead of spraying wastefully.

This is a combination dipping and spinning machine for completely coating large quantities of small parts with lacquer, enamel paint or any other liquid finishing material. To keep evaporation of the coating substance to a minimum, the material tank is enclosed in the machine. Also, to assure the proper material flow on the parts being coated, both operations are performed within the solvent atmosphere. This also permits the spun off coating material to remain in the tank. NO WASTE!

The SPEED DIP Coater allows you to achieve high quality results while enjoying substantial savings.

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